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King Zad's Realm


King Zad has a real flair for picturesque, flamboyant speech...creating some very memorable lines of dialogue (with a little help from the writers). Here are a few of his "gems":


Zad & his horn "Every Terron warrior will have a priceless horn. So to speak." --The Last Unicorn

children & zad "The rabble of this earth value shiny stones over whiney infants. One can always make another child, but the opportunity to become more difficult." ---The Chameleon

Zad & Sorceress "Patience is for fools!" ---The Chameleon

Zad "Kingdoms, civilization, intellect, power. That's the real world, Beastmaster." ---A Devil's Deal

"I learned a long time ago never to succumb to tricks or illusions. I'd be dead by now if I had." ---A Devil's Deal

Zad "Mydlands. Slaves and thieves come from the Mydlands." ---A Simple Truth

Zad & snake "I'm a ruthless, bloodthirsty, conquering warrior. Not very high on the scale of humanity." ---The Minotaur

Zad "Rules, like men's bones, are made to be broken." ---The Golden Phoenix



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