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On the Set of BeastMaster!

"Steven's a really nice man, but on the days that we're working together I try to keep my distance from him as it helps me get into character. Because Steven is also a professional and extremely good at what he does, it's easy to believe that he is Zad once we're on the set." ---- Natalie Mendoza ("Kyra") in Xpose Magazine, March 2000.

"Steven Grives, who plays Zad, and I have a great deal of respect for each other as actors. We're very good friends, and that can't help but permeate through onto the screen." ---- Jackson Raine in Starlog Magazine, March 2000.

"He is one of the most professional, kind and diligent actors...strike that, people I have ever met." ----Daniel Goddard, Steven Grives Guest Book Entry, March 2000

Steven Grives enjoying the Australian sunshine, on the set with cast and crew.
A shot of Steven in costume, taken by a crew member.
Steven in his "A Devil's Deal" makeup.
King Zad's Bedroom!