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Steven Grives has spent the last three years portraying King Zad, the malevolent adversary of Dar, the BeastMaster, in the syndicated television show by the same name. Working in front, as well as behind the camera, Steven has become well known to a world wide audience.


In Season One, King Zad leads an army of violent men called Terrons. The pillage and steal, taking what they want from innocent villagers. A hard man, Zad leads by violent example, killing those that displease him. Dar and Zad's paths first cross when the BeastMaster discovers that King Zad is holding his beloved Kyra prisoner in his camp. Zad is enthralled with Kyra, and refuses to give her up without a fight. When Zad is betrayed by his captain, Qord, Kyra is killed saving Dar's life. Did Zad really have feelings for her, or was he just upset at having his plaything taken away?

In Season Two, the Nords invade the land, vanquishing Zad and scattering his Terron army. The Nords, led by King Voden, take over Xinca and the rule of the land. Not outcast for long, King Zad discovers the secret of making metal for swords and mounts a final assault on Xinca. With the help of a crafty sorceress, Zad manages to overtake his thrown again and Voden is left wandering the woods alone.

In the Third Season, KIng Zad has made a pact with the lord of darkness, Balcifer, to rid the land of all that is good, and that includes the BeastMaster.

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